Adult and Teen Braces in  Cedar Park, TX

Traditional Braces

Dental braces are often the key to a straight and healthy smile. At Cedar Park Orthodontics in Cedar Park, Texas, Steve Snodell, DDS, MS, and the team might recommend braces if your teeth are crowded, have gaps, or are generally misaligned. To discuss braces with a professional orthodontist, call Cedar Park Orthodontics, or book an appointment online today.

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Braces Q & A

What are braces?

Braces are an orthodontic treatment used to adjust the positions of your teeth. Their purpose is to align your teeth to treat various forms of malocclusion or misalignment, including:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Crossbite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

At Cedar Park Orthodontics, Dr. Snodell cements a metal bracket to each tooth. Then, he feeds a wire through the brackets and tightens it incrementally throughout your treatment. He may also provide you with rubber bands to attach to your braces to help push or pull your teeth into an optimal position.

You can’t remove braces during treatment. Depending on the severity of your misalignment, you may need them for just a few months or up to three years.

What are my options for braces?

At Cedar Park Orthodontics, Dr. Snodell offers two types of braces as well as an alternative orthodontic treatment called Invisalign®. If you opt for braces, your choices are:

Traditional braces
Traditional braces are metal and usually silver in color. They’re the sturdiest option for wire-and-bracket braces.

Clear braces
Clear braces are another option available at Cedar Park Orthodontics. Instead of metal, the brackets are made of ceramic to closely match the color of your teeth. This treatment is more discreet than traditional braces and not as obvious in photos.

How should I care for my teeth while I have braces?

Proper oral hygiene and care is essential for successful treatment with braces. By taking great care of your teeth and avoiding substances that could get stuck in your braces or dislodge them, it speeds treatment and helps you avoid complications like cavities and gum disease.

Dr. Snodell and his team teach you the basics of oral care with braces. This includes:

  • Brushing your teeth after every meal or snack
  • Flossing at least once a day
  • Rinsing your mouth after you eat or drink
  • Removing the rubber bands from your braces for better brushing access
  • Avoiding hard or crunchy foods
  • Avoiding sticky foods
  • Visiting the office regularly for adjustments
  • Attending your six-month dental cleanings

Report any potential oral health complications to Dr. Snodell as soon as possible. If a bracket comes off, book an appointment right away.

If you’re interested in straightening your teeth or your child’s teeth with traditional or clear braces, call Cedar Park Orthodontics for an appointment or schedule online today.