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If you’ve recently undergone orthodontics treatment, wearing a retainer is the best way to prevent your teeth from shifting out of their proper alignment. At Cedar Park Orthodontics in Cedar Park, Texas, Steve Snodell, DDS, MS, and his orthodontics team offer removable and permanent retainers to maintain your beautiful smile. Schedule an appointment with Cedar Park Orthodontics by phone, or book online to get fitted for a retainer today.

Retainers Q & A

What are retainers?

Retainers are devices that support your teeth to avoid undesirable teeth shifting in the future. They’re often beneficial after completing orthodontics treatment at Cedar Park Orthodontics. The team offers retainer replacement, removable iTero® plastic retainers, removable wire retainers, and permanent bonded retainers to help you maintain a gorgeous smile.

Why might I need a retainer?

If you’ve recently completed orthodontics treatment with traditional braces, clear braces, or Invisalign®, wearing a retainer is often recommended to maintain straight teeth and a desirable bite. In addition, Cedar Park Orthodontics offers retainer replacement if you lose or damage it.

What are the different types of retainers?

The three main types of retainers include:

Bonded permanent retainers

Permanent bonded retainers remain in place long-term, often for a lifetime. However, your orthodontist can remove bonded retainers if necessary. Dr. Snodell and his team cement a sturdy wire to the back of your teeth to secure them in a desirable alignment and prevent shifting. Permanent retainers aren’t visible when you smile.

Removable wire retainers

Removable wire retainers rest comfortably in your mouth, while a wire supports the outside of your teeth to keep them in place. You might only wear the retainer certain times during the day or at night. You can remove the retainer to clean it. Removable wire retainers are durable and long-lasting.

Removable clear plastic retainers

The Cedar Park Orthodontics team offers iTero removable clear plastic retainers. Wear your clear retainer as recommended by Dr. Snodell and his team, and take it out for cleaning, brushing your teeth, and eating. Because they are clear, nobody will know you are wearing it. 

Which type of retainer is right for me?

To determine which type of retainer is right for you, Dr. Snodell and his team review your oral health and orthodontics history. They examine your teeth, gums, and dental X-rays. Cedar Park Orthodontics providers personalize orthodontics and retainer treatments to best match your needs, lifestyle, and desired outcome.

To keep your teeth properly aligned and your smile beautiful, schedule an appointment with Cedar Park Orthodontics by phone, or book online to find out if a retainer is right for you.