Common Problems


Excessive Overjet

This type of bite can result from the upper teeth being too far forward or the lower teeth being too far back. Function and aesthetics are affected with this bite.



The upper front teeth cover too much of the lower front teeth. Many times the lower front teeth bite into the roof of the mouth. (Ouch!)



This is when the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth. Often times we see unfavorable jaw growth and excessive tooth wear with untreated crossbites.



The upper and lower front teeth do not overlap. We often see habits and tongue thrusting with this bite. Proper chewing is definitely affected.



This occurs when teeth do not have enough room to erupt. Appropriate expansion can correct crowding, most times without tooth removal.



Most of the time spacing is an aesthetic concern, but sometimes spacing can mean missing teeth.


Dental Mid lines Not Matched

This usually indicates that the back bite does not match properly. Function may be negatively affected by this type of malocclusion.

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