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Bite Correction

Are you embarrassed by misaligned teeth? If so, invest in bite correction at Cedar Park Orthodontics, located in Cedar Park, Texas, and led by Steve Snodell, DDS, MS. Dr. Snodell offers a wide variety of bite correction services designed to restore the beauty of your smile and its function. Find out more by contacting the team over the phone or via the online booking tool today.

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Bite Correction Q & A

What is bite correction?

Bite correction is the practice of fixing malocclusion, or misaligned teeth. Commonly known as a bad bite, misaligned teeth can create not only aesthetic issues but also functional problems.

Malocclusion can also lead to TMJ, pain, and gum problems.

What types of bad bites can you fix with bite correction?

At Cedar Park Orthodontics, Dr. Snodell offers bite correction for all types of bad bites, including:

Excessive overjet
Excessive overjet, also known as buck teeth, is a condition that happens when either the upper teeth jut too far forward, or the lower teeth sit too far back.

Overbite happens when the upper teeth cover the lower teeth when you close your mouth. Sometimes an overbite is so bad that your lower front teeth bite into the roof of your mouth.

If you have an underbite, your lower teeth sit in front of your upper teeth when you bite down.

Crossbites are a condition characterized by upper teeth that fit inside lower teeth. Not all of your teeth have to cross for you to have a crossbite. Crossbite leads to problems like teeth chipping and wear. It can also cause gum recession.

Open bite
Open bite happens when your upper and lower teeth don’t meet or overlap when you close your mouth. That tends to cause problems with chewing.

Crowding, as it sounds, is a condition that happens when you don’t have enough space in your jaw for all of your teeth. Crowded teeth tend to overlap and twist, bunch, or get shoved to the front or back of your jaw.

Sometimes, you have extra space in your jaw. That causes mostly aesthetic issues, like gap teeth. However, spaced out teeth can create pockets between teeth, making it easy for food to get stuck and bacteria to flourish.

Mismatched dental midlines
Finally, some people have dental midlines that don’t match. This suggests the back bite is likely misaligned.

How does bite correction work?

Dr. Snodell and his team offer a variety of bite correction solutions. Which one they choose depends on your type of malocclusion, your dental history, and your preferences. Some of the options offered include:

  • Bonded permanent retainers
  • Removable wire retainers
  • Removable clear plastic retainers
  • Invisalign®
  • Braces

Sometimes, Dr. Snodell determines that you need jaw surgery to correct your bad bite. If this happens, he coordinates with local oral surgeons to ensure you receive the best care possible.

If you’re burdened with a bad bite, find out how Dr. Snodell can help by reaching out to his team at Cedar Park Orthodontics. Book your visit online or over the phone today.